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Our Mission

Our goal is to provide clients with valuable business and industry experience coupled with hands-on guidance in designing and implementing the most effective mobile communications strategy for their business and customers.

We LIVE and BREATHE Mobile!

Mobile technology has evolved over the years and currently encompasses a wide range of solutions. It is our responsibility to understand the benefits and limitations of the different mobile solutions in the marketplace. Some work GREAT and some...well, not so much!

We offer extensive knowledge of SMS (text messaging), MMS (multimedia messaging), mobile web, mobile apps, location based marketing, digital kiosks, short codes, long codes, industry compliance and much more.

Our thorough experience and knowledge of Carrier and TCPA compliance ensures that your mobile strategy adheres to the carriers' best practices and guidelines.

Which mobile solutions are most effective for your business? We'll work closely with you to develop a comprehensive mobile strategy that is custom tailored for your needs.


We have significant experience working closely with corporate brands, small and medium sized businesses to help develop and execute mobile marketing and communication strategies that encompass a variety of mobile initiatives and compliment a business' overall communications and marketing strategy.


We offer a process that delivers results that far surpass our clients' goals and expectations. Our process involves assessing the existing business model and communication strategies, defining opportunities that exist within the mobile channel, and developing a comprehensive plan of action to drive ROI and increase efficiency for the organization.


We partner with best in class SaaS providers to offer our clients a diverse portfolio of industry leading technologies for marketing and communication. These cutting edge software systems provide robust marketing and communications capabilities and comprehensive analytics.

Mobile Consulting Services


Our design process involves a thorough review of your business model and marketing mix. We work hand in hand with your organization to explore different mobile solutions that provide strategic value for your business and it's customers.


A well designed mobile strategy paves the way for EXECUTION which is mission critical to achieving the desired results. Our mobile consulting experts will help ensure proper execution of your mobile strategy across all channels.

Custom Development

We partner with the best software engineers in the business. If you have unique requirements for your mobile strategy, our technology partners are ready to bring it to fruition. We'll assist you in developing a detailed project scope for custom development and implementation.



Our experts will provide an ongoing analysis of your mobile efforts. We'll dissect your strategy to determine what worked well and what can be done differently to ensure it works better!


With valuable industry insight and experience, our experts provide valuable guidance to ensure your mobile communications adhere to Federal guidelines and industry best practices.


In addition to helping you design and execute a mobile strategy, our team will be there to provide comprehensive support every step of the way.


System Features

SMS & Text Alerts
MMS Messaging
Mobile Coupons
Mobile Surveys
Mobile Trivia
Text to Win
Digital Kiosks
Text Reminders
Text to Screen
Pics to Screen
Text to Pledge
Web Forms
Emergency Alerts
Custom APIs
Mobile Web
Mobile Apps
Short Codes
Long Codes


Messaging Packages Cost
Starter Package~ $125 per Month
    1000 Message Credits per month, Unlimted Inbound Messages, Overage rate $0.08/msg credt. One Time Setup Fee of $200 included
Unlimited Message Package
Advanced Package~ $209.00 per Month
    2000 Message Credits per month, Unlimted Inbound Messages, Overage rate $0.065/msg credt. One Time Setup Fee of $200 included
Premium Plus Package~ $299 per Month
    3500 Message Credits per month, Unlimted Inbound Messages, Overage rate $0.045/msg credt. One Time Setup Fee of $200 included
Elite Package~ $399 per Month
    5000 Message Credits per month, Unlimted Inbound Messages, Overage rate $0.045/msg credt. One Time Setup Fee of $200 included
A La Carte Services Cost
~Starter Package w/Full Service Account Management - Starter Package Includes: Monthly Account Management 1000 Text Message Credits Mobile Coupons High Quality Loyalty Tablet
- 1000 Messages / Valid for: 1 Month
    - Billed Monthly
Noble Dummy Account - Charging $50 per month to the downtown location
    - Billed Monthly
20000 Bulk Message Credit - 20,000 Message Credits Purchase. Credits Valid for 12 Months from Date of Purchase.
- 20000 Messages / Valid for: 12 Month
    - Billed One Time
Custom Account Setup - Custom setup, pricing varies.
    - Billed One Time
1000 Message Credit Reload for Fly High -
- 1000 Messages / Valid for: 12 Month
    - Billed One Time
1000 Message Credit Reload - 1000 Message Credit Reload Package.
- 1000 Messages / Valid for: 12 Month
    - Billed One Time
Advanced Package - Includes: Monthly Account Management 2000 Text Message Credits Mobile Coupons 1 Custom Web Forms 1 Custom Landing Pages High Quality Loyalty Tablet
- 2000 Messages / Valid for: 1 Month
    - Billed Monthly
Programming Fee - Custom build of loyalty/mobile marketing program, kiosk setup and programming, mobile coupon design, birthday/anniversary club setup, kiosk install, and employee training
    - Billed One Time
Animated Logo Creation - 1 Custom Animation Video using company logo
    - Billed One Time
10000 Message Reload $450 - 10,000 Message Credits Valid 12 Months From Time of Purchase
- 10000 Messages / Valid for: 12 Month
    - Billed One Time
Unlimited Messages! - Includes 1 loyalty kiosk, program management, unlimited SMS messages.
- 50000 Messages / Valid for: 1 Month
    - Billed Monthly

Company Overview

Sierra Mobile Solutions has taken the necessary steps to ensure that all messages follow the MobileMarketing Assocation Best Practices for mobile campaigns. We have spent the past two years developing our software to strictly adhere to these important guidelines. Each message sent from the COMPANY-NAME network is automatically formatted for proper Opt-in and Message Flow requirements. Proper messaging techniques are imperative to ensure that your end-users receive your messages in a non-invasive manner and enjoy a positive experience via your mobile campaign. Sierra Mobile Solutions focuses on an optimal end-user experience which will leave your customers happy and excited for more!
If you are interested in becoming a client and would like more information, please contact one of our mobile specialists:
By Email:info@smsnv.com
By Phone:775-685-3423

Are you an existing client and need customer service?
Contact Support: support@smsnv.com
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